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Arbor Grace Co

Mom-Mento Faith Bundle

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May is for Mother's Day...and let's be honest, that holiday brings with it a full spectrum of emotions.  We're taking control of those anxiety inducing emotions and re-directed them for GOOD!  As believers, we know that the Lord uses all things for the good of those who love him.  When you pay forward encouragement to others, that will not come back as void.  We are called to encourage others.

Our MOM-Mento Faith Collection is the perfect way to brighten someone else's day, by directing them right back to Jesus. These little car vent clips were created as a simple gesture to encourage others, whether that is your family, friends or a complete stranger.  Packaged individually with a little happy confetti, we encourage you to share these mini Mom-Mento with others to share a little sunshine.  When you share sunshine with others, you catch a few rays along the way too.

* Mini Mom-Mento May Exclusive Bundle

*Features TWO CLIPS: (1) Ephesians 4:1-3 and (1) Isaiah 43:1-3

* Single use Car Vent Clip

* Smile Included